Workers Compensation Insurance

The underlying strategy of our Workers'' Compensation program is toestablish a partnership among the four participants: the injuredemployee, the employer, the medical provider and Farmers. Our goal isto deliver the correct benefits quickly and efficiently at a fair cost.

FarmersCare, our complete medical and disability management program isdesigned to help control your Workers'' Compensation premiums.

Farmers Care consists of:

  • PreferredProvider Organization-The foundation of Farmers Care is an extensivenetwork of industrial clinics, physician specialists and hospitalscommitted to giving excellent treatment as well as managing costs.

  • UtilizationManagement--Our nurses, under the supervision of medical doctors,review treatment plans using the latest in computerized medicalguidelines. They also verify the necessity of hospital admissions andlengths of stay.

  • Early Return-to-Work Programs-Earlyreturn-to-work is a major factor in cost savings. Bringing employeesback to work as soon as medically feasible saves substantial sums intemporary disability payments and retraining costs.

  • EarlyReturn-to-Work Programs-Early return-to-work is a major factor in costsavings. Bringing employees back to work as soon as medically feasiblesaves substantial sums in temporary disability payments and retrainingcosts.

  • Bill Review -We review every bill to check pricing,appropriateness of the treatment and the billing overlap. This savesmillions of dollars each year in unnecessary charges.

      Loss Control Services- Our loss control programs can assist you in reducing the frequencyand cost of injuries. We also offer posters, videos, and brochures toreinforce Workers'' Compensation safety programs, raise employeeawareness, and meet legal requirements.

      Fraud Control- Our claims representatives are trained to identify and react whenthey see "red flags,which indicate a claim needs further investigation.

      Classification Review- We''ll review your individual classifications and operations to makesure payroll, sales, and other variables are correctly classified andyou are charged the correct premium.

      Premium Audit Service- Our auditors will help you understand premium classifications as wellas forecasting future premium costs. They also assist in making sureyour premium is calculated at the correct rate.

      Claims specialists- Specialized claims representatives handle only Workers' Compensationclaims. They review medical expenses, initiate early return-to-workprograms, facilitate rehabilitations and manage legal costs.

      Same-Day4-Point Contact - On the day the claim is received, our claimsrepresentatives are committed to achieving same-day contact with theemployee, employer, medical provider and agent. This insures thatbenefits begin as soon as possible and that questionable claims areinvestigated early in the process.

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